Tips for Air Drying Every Hair Type

With the busy schedules many women are dealing with today, there is often not a lot of time to dedicate to styling their hair every morning. Other women prefer not to use heat to style their hair and want to air dry their hair instead. But letting hair dry naturally can often result in hair looking unkempt or frizzy. Each type of hair, wavy, curly, straight, and thin have their own challenges when air drying. For this reason, it is important to make sure you are using the right technique for your specific hair type. Below are some tips for women wanting to air dry their hair, but still have a finished look throughout their day. It is possible to have a no fuss air dried style, no matter what hair type you may have.

Beachy Waves

For women with naturally wavy hair, a great go to style for drying hair naturally is beachy waves. To achieve this look, wash your hair as normal. But instead of blow drying your hair, let it air dry most of the way. For slightly damp, use a lightweight spray to help keep the wavy defined and free from frizz all day long. While applying the product, use your fingers to help break up the waves a little bit, then let it finish air drying on its own. A great product for doing this is Kristin Ess’s Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray. It can be bought at Target for around $15.


Curly Hair

One of the hardest things about curly hair is the potential to become frizzy. The more your touch your hair, the more likely it is to become frizzy. When air drying curly hair, you can help to define your curls by encouraging them to coil a little bit, but try to touch them as little as possible. Another option for drying curly hair is to not use a traditional towel to dry your hair. The pile of a towel helps to absorb the moisture, but it also creates friction on your hair. This friction can cause the hair to become frizzier. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair and help pull the excess moisture out of your hair before letting it air dry. The cotton material will be absorbent, but the lack of pile will not create as much friction as a towel will.

Straight Hair

Air drying straight hair that has no natural wave to it will create a straight sleek look. This look can be very trendy right now, and is very simple to achieve when air drying your hair. But if you have straight hair and are wanting to have volume, do not expect to get much volume without turning to the blow dryer. If wanting to have a little bit more volume than completely straight air dried hair, there are a couple of tricks that can be done. The easiest trick it to let the hair dry at least halfway. Then take your hair and put it in a higher bun. As it dries the rest of the way, when you let it down, the hair will get a little bit of wave and volume to it that is not possible when letting it dry while down. One great product for straight hair is No Blow Dry from Redken. This product is available for just under $25.

Thin Hair

Thin hair already has trouble holding volume compared to other types of hair. And in case of thin hair, it is going to be even more difficult to have any volume. For this reason, if you want volume it is important to make sure you dry your hair in a bun like women with normal straight hair. But it might even be better to dry your hair in two separate buns to give a little bit more volume. The use of a volumizing product at the roots before putting hair into the buns can also help to give a little bit more volume. And most importantly, do not take the bun down until the hair is completely dry or the little bit of volume will likely fall out.