How Bad is Makeup for Your Skin?

For many women, wearing makeup is an everyday thing. They never give it a second thought, but then they begin to wonder just how bad makeup may be for their skin. In general, the use of makeup is considered to be harmless for the human skin, but it is also important to know what your individual skin type is and make sure your makeup routine is right for your skin type to prevent potential problems.

                                             Skin irritations can cause itchy, scaly red rashes. From

Oily Skin

People who have oily skin naturally have more oil production. Because of this, they also often have more blackheads, large pores, and acne breakouts. As a result, it is important to make sure people with oily skin choose makeup products that are oil free and will not clog a person’s pores. The majority of products that are oil-free state it clearly on the packaging. If it does not say it clearly, you can ask at the makeup counter for recommendations or simply choose another product. Other great options for acne prone and oily skin, are products with acne fighting ingredients added to it. One great product that give light coverage while also fighting acne breakouts is made by Neutrogena and contains salicylic acid.


Dry Skin

People with dry skin produce less oil than those with normal skin, and significantly less than those with oily skin types. For these people, using a product with salicylic acid will further dry out the skin and cause it to become red and irritated. Instead, they should look for products that are moisturizing and that do not contain alcohol as it will also further dry out the skin. Look for makeup that specifically says hydrating as it is meant for use on dry skin.

Sensitive Skin

Women with sensitive skin have to be more selective with the products they choose to use. Picking the wrong product can result in redness, itching, and the potential to break out in a rash. One great product for most skin types, especially those with sensitive skin is the product line made by Physician’s Formula. All of their products are hypoallergenic, paraben free, fragrance free, and recommended by a dermatologist. Physician’s Formula makes foundation, powder, eye color, and lipstick designed to be perfect for sensitive skin. And many of the products include minerals to help keep your skin looking great. And best of all, they are very affordable compared to many other brands designed to be used on sensitive skin, and can be picked up at many drug stores or beauty stores.


Normal and Combination Skin

Normal skin does not have the issues the other three skin types have, while combination skin may have just like it sounds, a combination of normal, oily, or dry skin. The most common type of combination skin is for women to be oily on their forehead, nose, and chin but normal everywhere else. As a result, it is important to use a combination of products. In the oily areas you need to use products meant for oily skin and products for normal skin elsewhere. Doing so will help to ensure both types of skin’s needs are addressed. While this may mean you have to have multiple products, it helps to ensure you are not putting a product that could cause a problem on certain areas of your face.

Is my Skin Reacting to Makeup?

If you are using the right products for your skin type but still seem to be having a breakout, itching, or acne, it is time to see your physician or dermatologist. In the meantime, if you are not sure which product is causing the problem, try eliminating products you use in the area until it clears up and heals. After the problem is gone, you can start slowly adding one product at a time for a couple of days to make sure it does not recur. If you get a reaction, you know which product has caused the problem, and need to find a different product. If the problem goes away then you know it was not caused by the makeup itself.