Spring 2018 - New York Fashion Week Trends

A couple weeks ago, Fashion Week, Spring 2018 was held in New York. Based on this world renowned fashion show, there are a number of fashion trends women can expect to see in the coming spring and summer. From different silhouettes, colors, and cutouts, women can look forward to adding some key pieces to their wardrobe in the coming year.

Sunny Hues

Yep, expect to see lots of yellow in the coming year’s spring and summer wardrobe. There was lots of yellow, from subtle splashes of color to completely golden yellow pieces. Whether you are looking for a yellow maxi length dress or a yellow pantsuit, you cannot go wrong with adding some sunshine to your spring and summer wardrobe with a couple pieces. If yellow is not a color you are used to wearing, there is no need to spend hundreds on a couple pieces you may only wear a few times.  Instead go for a piece you can get lots of wear from and that is more affordable, like this Nine West Lace Dress for $89 from Macy’s.


Lots of Sparkle

If you are a girlie girl, and like all things that sparkle, you no doubt are excited to see the amount of sequins and rhinestones on the runway at New York’s Spring 2018 Fashion Week. Sparkle is not only for night life and gowns. It is found on shoes, handbags, pantsuits, and tops alike. Some are completely covered in sequins, while others are more subtle in their embellishment. Whatever your preference, look for ways to add some extra sparkle and shine to your wardrobe this coming spring and summer in ways you might not have considered in the past.


This year’s Spring Fashion Week has all kinds of embellishments. Pieces had lots of ruffles, fringe, and tassels. Some of them are in ways that were entirely unexpected, like a jacket completely covered in tassels. Others were much more subtle and used in more traditional ways, like along the edge of a skirt. If looking to add some extra embellishment to your wardrobe, look for pieces that have lots of extra movement and fringe, and you will be sure to fit in with this coming season’s style. One choice may be this fringe covered dress from ASOS for $60. It is perfect for a night out on the town or for a cocktail party.


Soft Lavender

If sunny yellow is not to your liking, Fashion Week also had tons of soft lavender everywhere, from sweaters, to pants, to dresses, to pantsuits. One option is to look for a soft summer weight sweater in this soft purple hue, or look for a piece that can be paired with your existing neutral work wardrobe to stay current with this fashion trend. One great piece that will also be a classic is this ladies’ button up dress shirt from Ralph Lauren in lavender that can easily be worn in the office or with jeans for a weekend picnic for just under $70 at Macy’s.



Tailored Denim

While most people may think tailored and demin do not belong together, the designers at New York’s Spring 2018 Fashion Week clearly thought otherwise. There was lots of different pieces in denim, including pantsuits and dresses. If you have always dreamed of being able to wear denim to the office, this fashion trend just might be the answer you have been looking for. Or opt for a denim dress to wear on the weekends instead of the traditional denim jeans. One great option for weekend wear is this denim shirt dress with embroidered flowers from H&M for just under $50.

Geometric Cutouts

New York’s Spring 2018 Fashion Week had a lot of different geometric cutouts in a wide variety of different pieces. There were different shapes in dresses, blouses, and even pantsuits. Some women may have avoided outfits with cutouts in the past because they were thought to be revealing. But the fashions on the runway were strategically placed to enhance the pieces and bring some unexpected variety and embellishment to the outfit. If you still are not sure about this trend, look for a jacket or lightweight blouse that you can easily layer another piece underneath to give additional coverage.